As the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, Business France fosters export growth for French businesses, facilitates incoming investments in France, and runs the VIE program – an innovative HR solution for companies willing to invest in the future of their multicultural workforce.

Relying on a team of 1,500 employees worldwide, Business France works closely with a network of business-centric partners in both the public and private sectors. Our North American branch is comprised of 8 offices throughout the US and Canada.

Its services include:

  • Inward investment: Whether a company is seeking a location for its European branch or looking to expand an existing network, we provide guidance for North American companies looking to invest in France’s R&D, tech clusters, strategic locations and business environment.
  • Trade: With an extensive network of representatives in France constantly on the lookout for companies willing to develop their business in the North American market, we are the fastest, most efficient way to source French innovative solutions, outstanding technologies or premium products.
  • HR Solutions: Our V.I.E. program is a turnkey HR solution designed to help companies incorporated under French law to find qualified, experienced young professionals eager to work in North America – all in 3 easy steps.